Funny Jasmine Moment #1

Okay, well I have a niece who is seven years old called Jasmine. Even though she is quite old now, she is still my baby and often gets frustrated when I call her so. In the future I will be posting about funny situations we have together. So, here is my first. But first, a back story behind the… well… the story.

Jasmine is rude. She is obsessed with naked bodies.

We are quite an open family, so Jasmine has seen me naked quite often growing up. However, since she became fascinated with my boobs and *cough* other parts I have tried to avoid getting changed in front of her, as she has a tendancy of trying to grab my boobs, as she found it funny, or asking me ‘why do you have hair down there?‘.

So, now to the main story.

The other day, I announced that I was going to go in the bath. Jasmine’s eyes lit up to the idea and asked ‘Please can I come in with you?’. Straight away I replied with a stern ‘No’, because a) A seven-year-old sharing a bath with their auntie is a bit too old and b) to put it bluntly, she’s a bit of a perve.

She kept begging and I was starting to get frustrated, so the final plea ended with Jasmine yelling

‘Oh please, I won’t flirt with you, honest!’

I paused. Mum stopped doing whatever she was doing. My step-dad looked up, and we all bursted into hysterics. Jasmine looked clueless, wandering what was so funny.

I thought you might appreciate that slice of humour.



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