Curly Wurly

I am a curly wurly. I have curly hair.

It used to be a lot curlier when I was younger (picture to the right, you can see a youngmaffew curls), but as I entered my teenaged years, having curly hair was a ‘no-go’ and I spent hours straightening it so I fit in with the other girls in my school. My curl type is around a 2c/3a, with botticelli/corkicelli texture (this website is fab for curl info, for anyone who needs advice and has curly hair).

Now I’ve grown up a little, I’ve started to appreciate my curls and regret damaging my hair with heat. Yes, I still blow-dry my hair, but I wash my hair less frequently now (three times a week), use a diffuser and I haven’t straightened my hair in almost three years.

mafCurly hair is quirky. It’s got a mind of it’s own. It’s me. I did research online to see the best way to look after curly hair, and the best method I found was the Curly Girl Method, which involves avoid hair products that have sulphates and silicones in their ingredients. The results of this method claim to make your hair healthy, less frizzy and more curly. It works. In this category I will review products that I find that work well on my curly hair and describe different routines I follow to give my hair the best curl definition possible.

If you’re a fellow curly-haired misfit I would love to hear your opinions on what products work for you, too.

SM 🙂