Please, Call me Miss M…

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been super busy being a daughter, girlfriend, auntie, dog sitter, a gym go-er and now, a teacher.

On Friday I had my first ever placement as a substitute teacher in a secondary school. It was terrifying.

I was due at the school for around 8am, so I woke up at 5.30am. Possibily the earliest I have EVER woken up in my life, and nothing like my usual student lifestyle of waking up at noon. The school was a forty minute drive away from home, and I needed to get up early enough so I wasn’t rushing and to enjoy  nice shower.

When I got there, I discovered that most the lessons I was covering were for English- my specialised subject. So that eased me a lot.

As I was setting up the computer and writing on the whiteboard ready for my first period, year 7, I could hear them outside whispering to each other ‘mint, we’ve got a substitute teacher’. I should of known from then I was expecting trouble.

The day generally included me not being able to control the lessons, teenagers running riot, and me getting very stressed. I remember from being in school when I was a teenager we used to give supply teachers HELL by being rebellious and not doing work. We used to forget that they are real people, who are nervous. So when a group of year 8 boys were being unbearable, I took them aside at the end of the lesson and asked how they would feel if they were a supply teacher stood in front of a class that wouldn’t listen. Hopefully that would of made them more aware that teachers are humans, too!

Although the experience was stressful, nerve-wrecking and scary, it hasn’t put me off completely. I am quite looking forward to my next placement this week, and to try out some behaviour management skills I have acquired from my friends that are teachers and the internet. However, at 21, I have got plenty of time to acquire my teacher style, and to practise that do I really need to tell you that you’re in trouble? infamous teacher stern glare (which I have been practising in the mirror, and can’t wait to test it out)!miss m

Wish me luck for my next placements! My next few blog posts will be about me starting the gym and dog-sitting for my boyfriends family, so watch this space!

Have a good week, SM *cough* I mean, Miss M. 😉


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