Overheard Conversations

I am quite a nosey person. In my old bar/waitress job my boss and fellow workers would laugh and say I just needed five minutes with a table filled with customers to find out their life stories. I guess I just like to find out what makes someone an individual. If you look at everyone who you pass in the town centre and think that every single person has their own hopes, dreams, likes, dislikes and problems- it makes you realise how complex life actually is. You don’t know what people are hiding behind their smile.

Usually I enjoy eavesdropping into people conversations and I don’t usually judge people from what I hear. But today I heard something that actually disgusted me.

So, I was walking into Morrisons (a large supermarket, for those of you who aren’t familiar with England) and I passed a young woman, maybe a similar age to me or a few years younger (so late teen or very early twenties). She was wearing a tracksuit and had a ‘cocky’ attitude to her. Straight away I was drawn to her, to try and suss out her life. Followed behind her was apparently her mum, looking very stressed holding a baby. She was trying to catch up with the other woman.

‘Are you not going to try and make an effort and hold your baby?’ she asked trying to get a trolley using one hand. The young woman- well now, the young mum- laughed and said something along the lines of ‘Well I’m here aren’t I? And you’re the nana’. The older woman then started to lecture the young mum about being a ‘mum’ and looking after her baby. To which the young mum laughed and announced

‘Well if you’re not happy mam, call social services, I don’t care’

I was disgusted. How could someone be so foul? This young woman had obviously brought this baby into the world, knowing the stigma of what it is to be a young mum and she did nothing to try and stop that stereotype. I could see the disappointment  in her mother. It annoys me how you get some women who get pregnant and take having a child for granted when some women desire nothing to be a mother but are unable to conceive. I wanted to walk up to the young mum and shake her by the shoulders and tell her to ‘man the f@#! up’. But it wasn’t my place. The looks of other eavesdroppers to the conversation also showed disgust.

When I have children in the future, I would try my best to show them how much they are loved and wanted. So I don’t understand when parents do otherwise.

I guess I don’t know that young woman’s individual problems and her life story, but she seriously needs to grow up and be the role of a mother.

Have you ever overheard something that shocked you? Please comment below and tell me the story.



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