Jasper, The ‘Broken’ Dog

I was inspired by the The Daily Post ‘Broken’ challenge to post about something broken. I’ve chosen to post about my ‘broken’ pet, Jasper.


My family adopted Jasper from his previous owners. Before us, the original owners tried giving him to two other families- both of which had him for a week then decided that he wasn’t for them. Why, you ask? Let me explain.

Jasper is ‘nasty’. He hates people touching him and trying to show him affection. He tries to bite and he grumbles a lot. According to his original owners, he was always a grumpy dog but it got worse when he was stolen.

When he was around two-years-old, his old owner let him off his lead whilst he was in a field. Jasper did as dogs do and ran around the field. When the old owner wasn’t concentrating too much, a van pulled up and grabbed Jasper, jumped into the van then drove off. He wasn’t found for six-months and it turns outjasper unsociable it was a group of gypsies that stole him. When he returned, his temper was worse and he didn’t like people too much. God knows what the group of people did to him, but they definitely broke him. He doesn’t trust anyone.

We’ve had him for around six-years now- longer than his original owners. We’ve learnt to give him the respect he needs- not to enter his personal space and just to let him be content on his own. When he needs affection, he will come to you for a cuddle. But if you go to him, he will growl and probably bite. On the picture to the right, I decided to lay on the floor beside him for a picture. But he decided that he didn’t want to be sociable, so he moved away.

Jasper is broken, but we have tried to fix him. We have given him a roof over his head, unlike other people who couldn’t understand that he was obviously mistreated by the group of people that stole him. But you know what? He does have a funny attitude and he constantly makes me laugh. There’s no denying that he feels vunerable, when a storm picks up or fireworks get let off he runs to someonjasper teethe near by and cries. Or if it rains when I take him out for a walk, he wimpers, and the walk usually ends up me carrying home.

He isn’t the mostย good looking of dogs. If you google ‘Lhasa Apso‘, the dogs are furry, well groomed and angel-like. Jasper on the other hand, represents something completely opposite. He doesn’t let you brush him and it’s very rare that you get to clean his teeth, so his fur isn’t the best and his teeth are wonky. But to me, this makes him quirky.

He isn’t great at showing love, but I know he is grateful for us saving him and giving him a loving home- even though he doesn’t return the favour.

However, at least we know he’s in a better situation than what he was a few years back. He’s starting to get fixed after being broken.

SM. xoxo


9 thoughts on “Jasper, The ‘Broken’ Dog

    1. Thank you very much! At times it does upset me that he isn’t cuddly, but I know he loves me and my family deep down! Thank for you for reading my post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I stumbled upon your post through the “dog” tag (ha, ha — typing that just made me laugh out loud) here on WordPress. I’m so happy that I found your post about Jasper.

    I thought this was a really beautiful post. I love how you and your family are so accepting of and as supportive as you can possibly be of Jasper’s needs and little quirks. It really resonated with me because I have an oddball dog, too. I try to give my Fae the space she needs and love when she needs it. But it can be hard. And frustrating.

    Jasper is lucky to have you and your family, but I can tell that you feel lucky to have him, too. Thanks for sharing his (and your) story! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thank you for this lovely comment, and for taking your time to read my post! I wonder how many more Jasper and Fae like dogs there are in the world! What breed is Fae? I’ve got a feeling that it’s small dogs that are grumpy! ๐Ÿ™‚
      SM ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Fae is a medium-sized dog. She is about 60 pounds, and has looooooong legs — LOL. My vet says she is some mixture of Boxer and Hound, but who knows the actual proportions. She is definitely a “different” kind of dog, but we just do our best to love her for who she is. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. It’s wonderful to read how patient you are with Jasper, and how you give him the room he needs. He comes to you when he needs you, that shows you that he does love you, but the fear/distrust is harder to overcome for some dogs than others, just as it is for people.

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  3. How lovely. Your generous heart and your post highlight the fact that pets aren’t there to simple amuse us or give us warm feelings. They deserve our respect and our best efforts to form “community” with them on their terms. Jasper is very lucky to be a part of your family, but I’m sure the patience and acceptance that he’s teaching you are rewarding too. It’s probably the quirky ones who teach us the most.

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