Jasmine’s Funny Moments #1

So I guess I’m starting a series of ‘Jasmine’s Funny Moments’. This one being number one.

Before I tell you the main funny story, you need a back story. If you’ve read my ‘Welcome to the Mad House’ post, you should know Jasmine is my niece. At the moment she is seven year old. Jasmine is a (I presume) typical kid, who is obsessed with the human body. My family is pretty open, so Jasmine has seen me naked from being a baby. However, as she started to grow, she started getting more and more interested in peoples bodies, especially mine. Growing up, she started to try and grab my boobs and was fascinated by my nipple piercing, constantly yelling ‘WHY DO YOU HAVE METAL IN YOUR NIPPLE’ at inappropriate times (which will be in future posts). She is also fascinated by pubic hair. So from this disturbing fascination, I try and avoid getting ready in front of her to stop embarrassing moments.


Well, here is the funny story.

A couple of days ago I announced that I was going to go in the bath. Jasmine’s eyes lit up at the prospect so she asked if she could join me. I responded with a ‘no’ as a) sharing a bath with a seven-year-old is a bit weird and b) because, well, to put it bluntly, Jasmine is a perve.

Jasmine started to get upset, so I was getting frustrated. Then, she gave her final plea,

Pleaseee let me come in the bath with you. I won’t try and flirt, I promise!

I was silent, mam stopped what she was doing and Jim looked up. Then we burst into hysterics. Jasmine looked clueless, wondering what was so funny.

Have you had any funny situations with your child relatives? Leave a comment.




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