An unforgotten day

A good story on bonding with your family- even if you think you have your differences! ‘Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten’

SM 🙂


Judging by the title you probably think this is going to be a sad story but no it’s not. I had a day that I’ll never forget, a day where I spent my time with my older sister. Her name is Alice Nguyen. Alice and I never had a strong relationship, she hated me for some reason, and because of that I grew up not having a tight sister bond. She likes adventuring downtown and in many other cities, well so I do too. Alice had the car to herself one day and asked if I wanted to go places with her. I said yes because I hate being at home, I have other sisters but we don’t have a good relationship either. I got dressed into nicer clothes and we left the house. In the car we started talking about our daily lives and what happens during school. I…

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