Please, Call me Miss M…

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been super busy being a daughter, girlfriend, auntie, dog sitter, a gym go-er and now, a teacher.

On Friday I had my first ever placement as a substitute teacher in a secondary school. It was terrifying.

I was due at the school for around 8am, so I woke up at 5.30am. Possibily the earliest I have EVER woken up in my life, and nothing like my usual student lifestyle of waking up at noon. The school was a forty minute drive away from home, and I needed to get up early enough so I wasn’t rushing and to enjoy  nice shower.

When I got there, I discovered that most the lessons I was covering were for English- my specialised subject. So that eased me a lot.

As I was setting up the computer and writing on the whiteboard ready for my first period, year 7, I could hear them outside whispering to each other ‘mint, we’ve got a substitute teacher’. I should of known from then I was expecting trouble.

The day generally included me not being able to control the lessons, teenagers running riot, and me getting very stressed. I remember from being in school when I was a teenager we used to give supply teachers HELL by being rebellious and not doing work. We used to forget that they are real people, who are nervous. So when a group of year 8 boys were being unbearable, I took them aside at the end of the lesson and asked how they would feel if they were a supply teacher stood in front of a class that wouldn’t listen. Hopefully that would of made them more aware that teachers are humans, too!

Although the experience was stressful, nerve-wrecking and scary, it hasn’t put me off completely. I am quite looking forward to my next placement this week, and to try out some behaviour management skills I have acquired from my friends that are teachers and the internet. However, at 21, I have got plenty of time to acquire my teacher style, and to practise that do I really need to tell you that you’re in trouble? infamous teacher stern glare (which I have been practising in the mirror, and can’t wait to test it out)!miss m

Wish me luck for my next placements! My next few blog posts will be about me starting the gym and dog-sitting for my boyfriends family, so watch this space!

Have a good week, SM *cough* I mean, Miss M. 😉


I am no longer a student.

This is just going to be a short post, so I apologise.

I am no longer a student. I have a job!

I am now a supply teacher! For secondary schools!

Did I hear any gulps there? That’s what all my friends did when I told them. Followed by a sarcastic yet meaningful “Good luck”.

I think I’m going to need it!

Curly Wurly

I am a curly wurly. I have curly hair.

It used to be a lot curlier when I was younger (picture to the right, you can see a youngmaffew curls), but as I entered my teenaged years, having curly hair was a ‘no-go’ and I spent hours straightening it so I fit in with the other girls in my school. My curl type is around a 2c/3a, with botticelli/corkicelli texture (this website is fab for curl info, for anyone who needs advice and has curly hair).

Now I’ve grown up a little, I’ve started to appreciate my curls and regret damaging my hair with heat. Yes, I still blow-dry my hair, but I wash my hair less frequently now (three times a week), use a diffuser and I haven’t straightened my hair in almost three years.

mafCurly hair is quirky. It’s got a mind of it’s own. It’s me. I did research online to see the best way to look after curly hair, and the best method I found was the Curly Girl Method, which involves avoid hair products that have sulphates and silicones in their ingredients. The results of this method claim to make your hair healthy, less frizzy and more curly. It works. In this category I will review products that I find that work well on my curly hair and describe different routines I follow to give my hair the best curl definition possible.

If you’re a fellow curly-haired misfit I would love to hear your opinions on what products work for you, too.

SM 🙂

Jasper, The ‘Broken’ Dog

I was inspired by the The Daily Post ‘Broken’ challenge to post about something broken. I’ve chosen to post about my ‘broken’ pet, Jasper.


My family adopted Jasper from his previous owners. Before us, the original owners tried giving him to two other families- both of which had him for a week then decided that he wasn’t for them. Why, you ask? Let me explain.

Jasper is ‘nasty’. He hates people touching him and trying to show him affection. He tries to bite and he grumbles a lot. According to his original owners, he was always a grumpy dog but it got worse when he was stolen.

When he was around two-years-old, his old owner let him off his lead whilst he was in a field. Jasper did as dogs do and ran around the field. When the old owner wasn’t concentrating too much, a van pulled up and grabbed Jasper, jumped into the van then drove off. He wasn’t found for six-months and it turns outjasper unsociable it was a group of gypsies that stole him. When he returned, his temper was worse and he didn’t like people too much. God knows what the group of people did to him, but they definitely broke him. He doesn’t trust anyone.

We’ve had him for around six-years now- longer than his original owners. We’ve learnt to give him the respect he needs- not to enter his personal space and just to let him be content on his own. When he needs affection, he will come to you for a cuddle. But if you go to him, he will growl and probably bite. On the picture to the right, I decided to lay on the floor beside him for a picture. But he decided that he didn’t want to be sociable, so he moved away.

Jasper is broken, but we have tried to fix him. We have given him a roof over his head, unlike other people who couldn’t understand that he was obviously mistreated by the group of people that stole him. But you know what? He does have a funny attitude and he constantly makes me laugh. There’s no denying that he feels vunerable, when a storm picks up or fireworks get let off he runs to someonjasper teethe near by and cries. Or if it rains when I take him out for a walk, he wimpers, and the walk usually ends up me carrying home.

He isn’t the most good looking of dogs. If you google ‘Lhasa Apso‘, the dogs are furry, well groomed and angel-like. Jasper on the other hand, represents something completely opposite. He doesn’t let you brush him and it’s very rare that you get to clean his teeth, so his fur isn’t the best and his teeth are wonky. But to me, this makes him quirky.

He isn’t great at showing love, but I know he is grateful for us saving him and giving him a loving home- even though he doesn’t return the favour.

However, at least we know he’s in a better situation than what he was a few years back. He’s starting to get fixed after being broken.

SM. xoxo

Overheard Conversations

I am quite a nosey person. In my old bar/waitress job my boss and fellow workers would laugh and say I just needed five minutes with a table filled with customers to find out their life stories. I guess I just like to find out what makes someone an individual. If you look at everyone who you pass in the town centre and think that every single person has their own hopes, dreams, likes, dislikes and problems- it makes you realise how complex life actually is. You don’t know what people are hiding behind their smile.

Usually I enjoy eavesdropping into people conversations and I don’t usually judge people from what I hear. But today I heard something that actually disgusted me.

So, I was walking into Morrisons (a large supermarket, for those of you who aren’t familiar with England) and I passed a young woman, maybe a similar age to me or a few years younger (so late teen or very early twenties). She was wearing a tracksuit and had a ‘cocky’ attitude to her. Straight away I was drawn to her, to try and suss out her life. Followed behind her was apparently her mum, looking very stressed holding a baby. She was trying to catch up with the other woman.

‘Are you not going to try and make an effort and hold your baby?’ she asked trying to get a trolley using one hand. The young woman- well now, the young mum- laughed and said something along the lines of ‘Well I’m here aren’t I? And you’re the nana’. The older woman then started to lecture the young mum about being a ‘mum’ and looking after her baby. To which the young mum laughed and announced

‘Well if you’re not happy mam, call social services, I don’t care’

I was disgusted. How could someone be so foul? This young woman had obviously brought this baby into the world, knowing the stigma of what it is to be a young mum and she did nothing to try and stop that stereotype. I could see the disappointment  in her mother. It annoys me how you get some women who get pregnant and take having a child for granted when some women desire nothing to be a mother but are unable to conceive. I wanted to walk up to the young mum and shake her by the shoulders and tell her to ‘man the f@#! up’. But it wasn’t my place. The looks of other eavesdroppers to the conversation also showed disgust.

When I have children in the future, I would try my best to show them how much they are loved and wanted. So I don’t understand when parents do otherwise.

I guess I don’t know that young woman’s individual problems and her life story, but she seriously needs to grow up and be the role of a mother.

Have you ever overheard something that shocked you? Please comment below and tell me the story.


Tattoo#2: You are my sunshine

Let’s have a sneak peak at my back tattoo, that is normally covered up. As you can see on the picture below, it’s based on my upper-back, at the centre.

I chose to have the tattoo done in that spot as my back isn’t normally exposed and it has a lot of sentimental behind it. So I thought that this placement isn’t to obvious, so it is primarily just for me to know it’s there. People are usually shocked as they forget that I have this tattoo as it’s quite big and striking, but it isn’t in an obvious place. This was my second tattoo, and I got it in December 2012 (I was eighteen).

How long did it take, you ask? I had it took around an hour and forty-five minutes and I only had a five minute break half way through so I could have a drink of lucozade and a bit of chocolate to get my blood sugar up. If you’ve never had a tattoo before, they make you feel faint so you need sugary things before/after/during the tattooing process. I got it done at Talisman Tattoo Studio by Big G in York, England. I love this place, I’ve had four out of my five tattoos done there.

So let’s dig into the meaning behind this tattoo.

When I was younger I was very close to my nana and grandad. They looked after me when I was younger while my parents were at work and when I grew up I spent lots of time at their house. They were my rock. Through my mum and dad divorcing and arguing, they ignored the views of their son (my dad) and supported my wants and decisions. They kept me sane through difficult times. My nana used to sit me on her lap and wrap her dressing-gown around us both when I was small, and she used to sing this song to me, ‘You are my sunshine’. Grandad used to join in and sing it along with us. Growing up, I always associated this song with happy memories and spending time with them both.

Sadly, my nana passed away when I was twelve. The passing broke my heart. I her passing was one of the things that triggered by depression. When I was seventeen my grandad then passed away.

I related the song lyrics to them both,

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Those are the main lyrics I’ve got on my back, as I don’t think my grandparents ever knew how much I did love and care about them, and them passing was the worse possible thing to happen to me.

The song develops with the lyrics

The other night dear, when I lay sleeping. I dreamt I held you in my arms. But when I woke dear, I was mistaken. So I hung, my head and I cried.

I eventually want that verse adding to the tattoo, as I often dream of visiting them in their old house, and just having a cup of tea and a chat. Those dreams are amazing and feel so real. When I wake up it upsets me, but then I like to think that is my nana and grandad visiting me at times when I desperately need them. So I know that they are still with me.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. The tattoo is very meaningful for me. The song is below for those of you who haven’t heard it before. It is a lovely song to sing to people to cheer them up. ❤

PS. Talisman Tattoo Studio is great for piercings too. Here is their google page and their facebook page for those of you who have an account;

Much love, SM xoxo