Last Semester of My Undergraduate Degree…

Well, I am about to go into my last semester of my English Language & Linguistic degree. Bloody hell. It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago I was applying to universities.

The thought that I will enter ‘the big bad world’ in a few months terrifies me. But, I guess I’m happy as I won’t have any more university assignments and revision to do! Well, that is for a year. I’m taking a year out once I’m finished to gain some life experience and to grow up a bit, after that I am hoping to go back into education to train to be a teacher. Eventually I would love to be an English teacher in a secondary school. But I definitely don’t feel mature enough yet to teach a class of 16 year olds. I mean, I’m still young myself. I’m only 20.

This last semester I am going to give it my all so I finish this degree with a good, 2:1 grade. I did pretty bad last year as my mental illness took over, which resulted in me getting an average grade of a 2:2 last year, along with a failed module. But this year (2015) is the start of a new positive me, where I will fight my depression and make the best out of myself. And that starts with doing well academically.

So, wish me luck for the next few months!

SM. xoxo

Song of the moment, ❤

Bombay Bicycle Club – It’s Alright Now


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